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Pro-Ject Xtension 12 Ortofon RS-309D (without cartridge) sale


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Pro-Ject Xtension 12 Ortofon RS-309D (without cartridge)

High-end turntable

  • Magnetic field feet
  • Inverted platter bearing, magnet assisted
  • Platter bearings with ceramic running surfaces
  • Tonearm  Ortofon RS-309D  (12 inches)
  • Headshell with SME bayonet
  • 33/45 rpm (electronic)
  • 78 rpm (manual)
  • Dust cover included

A new classic

A classic analog concept of the 80s with modern technology from Pro-Ject. We are well aware of optical similarities with turntables from the first great analog era. All of our experience from more than 20 years of turntable manufacturing flowed into the development of the Xtension, whereby no limitation of the effort for cost reasons was the focus. In addition to the tried and tested technology of our high-end models, further ideas for optimal record playback have been implemented for the Xtension. 

Numerous measures have been taken for the players from the Pro-Ject Xtension line to mechanically dampen the devices even more. The chassis is filled with metal granulate. The bearing axis of the plate bearing is mounted on a solid metal block. The turntable, which weighs almost six kilograms, is immobilized with a ring made of TPE. Magnetic fields in the device feet ensure an effective mechanical decoupling of the entire player from interference. An inverted, magnet-assisted platter bearing with ceramic running surfaces ensures rumble values ​​close to the measuring limit. Two repelling neodymium magnets significantly reduce the weight of the plate on the bearing. This significantly improves the running smoothness of the bearing. A record puck improves the contact between the record and the turntable.

The Xtension Ortofon RS-309D is factory-fitted with a 12-inch Ortofon tonearm, the Ortofon RS-309D . Its length of 12 inches reduces the toe angle error - compared to a tonearm with a length of 9 or 10 inches. Sampling distortion is thus further minimized. Ortofon tonearms like the RMG 309 or the SKG 212 have made hi-fi history. They are considered milestones in audio technology and are coveted and sought-after collector's items these days. Pro-Ject Xtension with Ortofon RS-309D tonearm - the legend of tomorrow!

A pickup was not installed at the factory. Music lovers who have several stereo pickups or an additional mono pickup that are played alternately will appreciate the removable headshell with a bayonet according to the SME standard. Mounted on different headshells , changing the pickup is a matter of seconds. As an alternative to the enclosed headshell, Ortofon SPU sound boxes can also be installed.

The different versions of the Pro-Ject Xtension Evolution differ in their equipment and the size of the chassis. The Pro-Ject Xtension 9 Evolution and Pro-Ject Xtension 10 Evolution models are also available as a SuperPack. SuperPacks differ from the standard devices in that they have a factory-fitted cartridge. The number in the model name indicates the length of the built-in tonearm. Evolution tonearms from Pro-Ject Audio are used in lengths of 9, 10 and 12 inches. The Pro-Ject Xtension 9 S-Shape model comes with a Pro-Ject 9-inch s-shaped tonearm.


  • Black piano lacquer chassis
  • Electronic speed selection between 33 and 45 rpm, manual setting option from 78 rpm. 
  • Fine adjustment (pitch control)
  • The chassis made of compacted wood fibers, filled with metal granulate, stands on four magnetic field feet
  • The resonance-optimized platter is a sandwich construction made of a TPE-dampened, polished aluminum platter, a plane-ground surface made of vinyl record material and a record puck
  • The inverted, magnet-assisted turntable bearing consists of a standing stainless steel axis with a ceramic ball on which a bushing with a ceramic bearing base rotates
  • Integrated motor control (sine generator)
  • External power supply unit for protection against mechanical and electromagnetic interference
  • A transparent, hinged dust cover made of plexiglass is included

Tonearm Ortofon RS-309D

  • J-shaped 12 inch tonearm with headshell attachment according to SME standard
  • Counterweight for pickups including headshell from 18 to 40g weight included
  • The azimuth and vertical scan angle (VTA) can be adjusted
  • A 5-pin tonearm socket makes it possible to connect individual phono cables
  • A Connect it / 5P-CC tonearm cable (unbalanced cable) or a Connect it / 5P-XLR-CC (balanced cable) with a length of 123cm is included


  • Phono input on the amplifier or on the external phono preamplifier

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions W x H x D: 550 x 250 x 450mm, 550 x 550 x 560mm (hood open)
  • Weight: 25kg

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