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TEAC TA-TS30UN-BW Washi Paper Turntable Sheet

Protect and enhance your vinyl collection with "Un-Ryu Washi" paper, only from TEAC.

The TA-TS30UN-BW is an innovative turntable sheet to provide optimized conditions for vinyl record playing.

Removing dust on vinyl records with a dust sweeper is one of the most ceremonious things when playing music, but it can be annoying to keep removing dust that won't quit.

In order to create a more comfortable listening experience, we crafted this turntable sheet from scratch with the best materials. Traditionally, silicon rubber, felt or cork are used for turntable sheets, but we went with "WASHI" to reduce statics.

"WASHI" is traditional Japanese paper made from the fibers of Mulberry trees. With natural durability, it’s been widely used for UKIYO-E printings and paper currency for centuries.

Recently, it’s been re-discovered and used for stationary and interior fabrics due to its beautiful design and excellent functionality.

By combining this WASHI with stone-paper for the core material, this turntable sheet gains mass and becomes uniformly flat, while restricting vibration, reducing static electricity and preventing dust from accumulating.

The TA-T30UN is the ultimate turntable sheet that provides an ideal condition for high quality record playing. 


  • Product weight: 0.24 kilograms
  • Pieces per master carton: 1 Piece

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