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Ortofon SPU ATR Celebration 40

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you give yourself.

For our 40th anniversary we wanted an Ortofon cartridge and got the Ortofon SPU ATR Celebration 40! In the late 1950s, long-playing records appeared as a technical revolution, also in stereo. This new format brought real spatiality to music reproduction via loudspeakers for the first time: the stereo system was born. To sample the stereo LPs, the then studio equipment supplier Ortofon developed its still legendary MC pickup "Stereo Pick Up", or "SPU" for short, primarily for high-quality FM radio reproduction. 

Generations of cartridges have come and gone since the introduction of the SPU in the late 1950s. The technical concept and sonic result of the original SPU, on the other hand, have remained untouched to this day and are the inspiration for the SPU ATR Celebration 40.

  • Pickup type: MC (Low-Output Moving-Coil)
  • Tonearm attachment: Headshell with half inch mounting
  • Output voltage: 0.2mV*.
  • Amplifier connection: Phono MC
  • Channel deviation at 1kHz: <1dB
  • Crosstalk attenuation at 1kHz: >20dB
  • Crosstalk attenuation at 15kHz: >10dB
  • Frequency range: 20-25.000Hz
  • Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz ±3dB
  • Scanning capability at 315Hz: 65μm**
  • Needle compliance, lateral: 8μm/mN
  • Recommended tonearm type: medium and heavy
  • Scanning diamond: elliptical (with needle guard)
  • Rounding: r/R 8/18μm
  • Contact force range: 30-50mN (3.0-5.0g)
  • Recommended contact force: 40mN (4.0g)
  • Scanning angle: 20 degrees
  • Direct current resistance: 2 Ohm
  • Rec. termination resistor: >10 Ohm
  • Housing material: AluminiumWeight: 13g

*at 1kHz, 5cm/sec **at recommended contact force

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